Monday, January 14, 2013

Appreciating My Situation

This morning I woke up to a sunny and warm day in Savannah, Georgia.  It was beautiful.  The kind of day when you find excuses to leave the house and wander aimlessly amongst the unique, striking architecture of the Old South.  I successfully discovered an excuse and headed out under the long shadows of live oaks, magnolia, and the Spanish moss that dangles precariously from their limbs.  Stopping for some South African food at a small shop near Forsythe Park I sat down and admired the downtown. After finishing my small meal and wielding a large glass of sweet tea I walked back out into the historic district. As I strolled down the side walks of my city, walking underneath the ever present boughs of ancient trees, I began to truly appreciate the situation my wife and I have found ourselves in.

We are so fortunate.  You might even say blessed.  Living in an inspiring city, attending spectacular schools, working jobs that will lead us to our goals, and having just enough money to get by while still being able to go out occasionally - could we truly ask for more? 

For me personally I can't really say I ever expected things to have worked out so well.  I'll be starting my new job at GPB soon.  Writing news stories and doing interviews is something I've dreamed of for a while now.  Who would have ever thought a guy like me, with my past, would be doing this some day?  Getting a chance to work in something I am passionate about is success enough for me.  How many people get the opporunity to work with what they love - ever?  I just hope I can make enough of a positive impact to push my career farther ahead once this job is done.

My wife Kristen gains more and more experience every day in film editing.  She is learning so much and has become excited - once again - to attend classes.  Last quarter she was stuck taking things that to say they were uninspiring and unmotivating would be an understatement in the extreme.  I'm happy for her.  I love it when she becomes willingly entangled in the work she is doing and gets excited about it.  She has the most beautiful smile and a day that goes by with out it - is a miserable day.

School for me continues to be a delight.  The professors are inspiring, charismatic, and deeply knowledgeable about the subjects.  They move me to be not just a better writer, but a better student as a whole.  Some times I need to pinch myself and ask, "Am I really here?  Am I really doing this?"  Life until recently had been relatively merciless in its pursuit of my sanity.  There were moments when I thought that my education could be a serious waste of time and money; those moments are gone now - mostly. 

I've never been too much of a praying man - but lately I find myself praying a lot.  I pray that I don't lose this perspective.  That I can maintain a constant appreciation for my situation and surroundings, that I won't lose motivation or sight of our goals.  I pray that I will be willing, eager, and able to pursue my dreams, my wife's dreams, and our dreams to their successful conclusion.  Most of all I pray for the continued and relatively trouble free existance we have stumbled into.  Just a little longer, God.  That's all I ask - just give us a little more time in this place of recovery and recooperation.  Let us build a solid foundation on which we could weather any storm and give me the wisdom to know how to build it.  I don't think that's too much to ask - but I've been wrong before.

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